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Your new life

In the world of Civil, anything is possible! Grab a cup of coffee or take a vacation to the wilderness with your friends. Find an occupation and battle to the top of the economy!

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See the world

Set upon an adventure! The Civil world features many areas, including cities, neighborhoods, deserts, beaches, forests, the arctic, and more!

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Interact and have fun with a quickly growing community! Join custom servers and explore new ways to play!

Freedom awaits

Welcome to the world of Civil!

Civil is a Life Simulation Platform; a welcoming open world game where players can live the digital lives they’ve always wanted. Players are encouraged to play together, make friends, and find a career path that can lead them anywhere. All kinds of careers can be pursued in Civil, for example: culinary jobs, public jobs, political jobs, and even criminal jobs.

Players are competitively ranked using a score called the Karma score. Karma scores range from negative scores to soaring scores above zero. Karma measures how you perform in society, so if your score is high, you will find yourself promoting up the ranks of your career.

Another feature that makes Civil more immersive is questing. Players can run into NPCs that ask them to do things for them. For example, an NPC may ask a player to drive them somewhere, etc. NPCs may also ask players to do more intense things like kill players, or other good/bad enemies. Questing will reward the players with money or items they would not get otherwise.

Civil’s economy is something that makes it stand out the most. Players will often run into vendors in the world. Vendors offer cosmetic items or skins that are listed as a certain rarity. This means players might want to invest in rarer items just because other players will not be able to buy them in the future. Every vendor has a certain stock of items, and if players buy all of that item, the vendor will sell a different item in its place.

The players in Civil are not expected to follow all of the rules. Sure, they may finish all of the quests and do their jobs perfectly, but Civil’s players should also know that this game is for them to do what they want to do. Whether it’s RP, form organizations, or even start wars in-game, the possibilities are in their hands.

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