Introducing Civil Server Tools

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Oversight Games is excited to announce the Civil Server Tools kit for server admins. What is it? The Civil Server Tools are simple to use launcher tools for community servers inside our current game project, Civil: The Game. Based on the Windows batch system, the server tools used to organize parameters for your server and launch/update it all in one place.

Currently, we are organizing server configuration (ini) files and other system files across several directories. PlayerData, ServerConfig, and Plugins. The server configuration files are fully functional, and we have big plans for plugin support. Plugins refer to the ability to change the way Civil works, by means of “modding.” As we build on top of Civil, we plan to expose Lua and documentation of our systems in the distant future for developers to utilize.

To use the tools, the Windows batch file needs to be modified. Your server installation path needs to be set, and you can manually configure parameters for launch inside the file as well. Oversight Games uses these tools to save time starting our servers, and we are excited to see other people using them too! The open source repository can be found on our Github page at

So, what are “configuration files?” We use these to expose parameters that are used in Civil’s source code. For example, setting up basic things like your server’s name, description, or what map to load. These configuration files can become more complex in the ServerData.ini, where we expose MySQL information. This is used to tap into MySQL databases for storing player information. In layman's terms, this is how servers can save progression, inventories, and other critical gameplay values for later usage.

We’ve anticipated releasing this to players, as we think they’re very useful and… well, we think they’re neat! Hopefully you all find them useful. Check out our Github page for more open source repositories!