Introducing CivilScript

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You guys made your own language? Why? This is probably the first logical question anyone would ask when seeing our brand new open source language, configured exclusively for Civil: The Game. CivilScript is a script layer built on top of UE4 Blueprints, and is an early functional language built for user-friendliness and simplicity.

The core elements of this language are essentially sequential procedures that run in-game functions with custom parameters. It’s a command line on steroids. CivilScript, built to be used mostly for basic game mechanics and general server moderation, is our way of allowing server admins to write simple scripts while waiting for us to implement Lua support.

So, what can it do? This language is primarily functional, with simple operators/conditions to make the developers experience as user friendly as possible. You can create variables, call system variables, include functions from other files, use ladder logic, perform basic arithmetic, and delay functions on timers. This is a very early language, though, and is not built to be used for complicated operations. Oversight Games plans to add Lua support to Civil in the near future, and this will become our primary way for said complicated operations. In other words, CivilScript is a fun and experimental language for people getting started in our servers, and it’s also a way for us to directly expose our game functions the way we see fit.

We’ve decided to make the source for CivilScript publicly available, in the event someone wants to use it in their own games. Our Github repository with a usage license can be found at, along with our other open source repositories. We hope other developers and Civil communities can make use of this!